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Irrigation controls

ABCR001 Aldabert Bellet Controls de Reg

It’s a system that automates the process easily fertilization and irrigation of any crop. It comprises two devices. One mobile -smartphone or tablet-, which can transmit user commands through an application. And a fixed one that runs on the farm.

Key Features

  • Set an irrigation scheduling remotely via a mobile device.
  • A single mobile device manages all (all farms) fixed devices.
  • High usability in system programming.
  • Data management in the mobile device. Analyze performance, detect anomalies, view statistical data (weekly, monthly, historical …), check settings fixed devices…
  • Different methods of irrigation scheduling: temporal (timely, instant, daily, weekly…) and simultaneously or sequentially.
  • Each device has fixed reading sensors: temperature, humidity, liters, pressure, PH…
  • Application for mobile phones and Android tablets.
  • Bluetooth technology

Tecnologia Connecting Boxes

Un únic dispositiu fix gestiona una explotació agrària.

Instal·lacions adaptables a les necessitats de l’explotació, fàcilment modificables o ampliables.

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